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Essence of Spain

The Spirit of Hispania

The first chapter unfolded at 72-74 Lombard Street, within the historic Lloyds Bank building. A sprawling 9,000 square feet of space, Hispania emerged as a beacon of Spanish culinary excellence.

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Rooted in a rich history that traces back to the heart of London’s iconic Lombard Street, Hispania stands as a nculinary testament to the passion for Spanish gastronomy. Our journey began in 2013 inspired to create an unparalleled experience of Spanish gastronomy and culture.

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In 2016, we expanded to Brussels’ Grand Sablon Square, becoming a beacon of Spanish cuisine in Belgium
and Benelux. Our restaurants offer an unparalleled Spanish culinary experience, featuring tapas, signature dishes, and a prime location at the heart of Brussels’ vibrant Grand Sablon Square.

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Located on the beautiful shores of Nha Trang, our restaurant is part of the prestigious Grand Meliá, the first of its kind in Vietnam, opening in summer 2023.
As Asia’s first Hispania restaurant, we bring authentic Spanish cuisine to life using the freshest local
ingredients, creating a unique and unforgettable culinary journey for our guests.

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Hispania Kensington


Today, we proudly extend our legacy with the opening of Hispania Kensington in a warm, familiar neighborhood.

Decorated by the masterful Lorenzo Castillo and guided by the culinary direction of Marcos Moran. Our new establishment embodies the same commitment to excellence that defined our first venture.

With a vision that transcends borders, Hispania Kensington invites you to savor the essence of Spanish cuisine and culture in a setting that feels like home.

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Step into our world and uncover the delights within each unique space.
Come, explore, and indulge in the experience.

Gastronomic Bar


Private Events

Traditional gastronomy

Symphony of flavors that honor the rich tapestry of Spanish culinary heritage. From inspired tapas to exquisite signature creations, each plate is a masterpiece, inviting you to savor the essence of Spain.

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